EP 1 : How safe do we feel? If our food container is 100% TOXIC FREE

Moreover Quality is like plastic, melamine or any other material. That makes you even more confident. For safe keeping of food containers for everyone you love. And its durability makes it possible to use this product for a long time.

BIOFORM was inspired by this question … Until the source of the product. Made from nature Non-toxic 100% and strong as durable materials.

Because BIOFORM wants to give good things to everyone you love


EP 2 : Colors of nature … for everyone.

BIOFORM Our foodware is made from plants, so you can be sure more than ever. Both BIOFORM’s production and coloring materials are 100% free of toxic chemicals and carcinogens.

EP 3 : International standard … Safety Standards for All Life !!!

Everytime we buy something … We will be more confident when the product we pay is certified by a reliable agency, whether it is.

+ Certify that the product is safe.
+ Certifies that the product uses the right materials as advertised.
+ The expiration date is clear.
+ It is a standard product at international level. Or world class.

BIOWARE by BIOFORM is also supported by standards. For products that are safe from toxins and carcinogens (ISO17088) including BPA Freeใ

EP 4 : BIOFORM is not only a container for food … but also a container for preservation.

BIOFORM dining ware is a 100% non-toxic food ware and can also be used for long-term preservation. Convenient with refrigerator and microwave. Also safe and easy to clean, both hand washing and dishwasher. So you use the BIOFORM BIOFOOD ware with worry free and comfort every day …..

EP 5 : If the cleaning is not good (kill all germs, toxic free 100%) it is eligible for a doctor !!!

BIOFORM foodware is designed for everyday comfort. You can clean in a variety of ways. The usual cleaning. And for mothers with children who need cleanliness, no germs. It can be boiled or UV sterilized as well.

BIOFORM foodware is 100% free from toxic chemicals.
Can also be safe from germs, microorganisms, bacteria in the environment.


EP 6 : BIOFORM … for our health. For your loved ones , and for our environment and the world as well.

As mentioned before that BIOWARE products by BIOFORM is 100% TOXIC FREE to the user, ensuring the safety of the toxin contamination from the product will enter the body.
In addition, BIOWARE by BIOFORM has also been tested for environmental impact by growing crops in accordance with OECD208 standards (global standard to safe your health and environment).

… on the other hand. “Biological degradation of BIOFORM has no effect or toxicity to aquatic ecosystems”
BIOFORM is a product for yourselves (you and your family). It is also a product for the world.


EP 7 : BIOFORM … also adds confidence to parents that our safety is for your children too.

Because babies, infants and small children have lower immunity than adults. And since BIOFORM’s products are safe from toxins. And made from natural materials. So it is ensured and guaranteed to parents that all of the children are safe when using BIOFORM products.


EP 8 : International Standard … Safety Standards for All Life and BPA FREE.

BPA or Bisphenol is a chemical found in food packaging and beverages made from plastic. And most importantly, from experiments in rats, BPA is a substance that is involved in cancer. And it affects the genetic abnormalities of cells in the body as well.

So BIOFORM’s ISO17088 and BPA Free standards make sure you use a non-toxic food bowl.
Our bowl is non-carcinogenic, and no chemicals will affect the genetic abnormality. Of course, 100% !!!

คิดถึงชามอาหารปลอดสารพิษ คิดถึง BIOWARE

BIOWARE by BIOFORM is healthy dining ware for your lovely baby, kid, and all you love.
Generally made, Greater life together.

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