HCIO with Japanese standard and FDA



Hypochlorous Acid Water (HCIO)

Disinfectant fungi, virus and bacteria 99.99%

Slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water is a product that has been confirmed to have a sterilizing/deodorizing effect. Also can be used as a spaced sterilizer/deodorant.

Excellent cost performance.

For gargling, washing hand, deodorant, and disinfecting for any stuff or furniture in office/ home/ and industry.

Gentle on your skin and safe for children.

Residual chlorine are not detected and non flammable.

(1) Spray on the surface and wipe up to disinfectant fungi, virus, and bacteria.
(2) Spray in the air to disinfectant fungi, virus, and bacteria with ultrasonic humidifier.
(3) when it hits Ultraviolet rays, it returns to water.
(4) Return to water after expiration date.

It is not the pharmaceutical product.


Shelf life 1 year

Size : 500 ml.

Retail Price 199 THB