Dinnerware : Bowl


Global Standard, Global Design:




Local Standard in Thailand
We are 1st Thai company certified OZONE safe of material.
And Preliminary test by TISTR laboratory. 97.9% biodegradable within 1 month under controlled environment; applicable for use in landfill.

10 Benefits of material
How is good for our material that good for your health !
• ISO17088 : No harmful chemical for health, include carcinogen and BPA FREE.
• Made from BIO material based with similar strength & properties as general material.
• Natural colors and ingredients.
• Refrigerator / Dishwashing machine friendly, and microwave safe.
• Can be UV / boilable sterilized.
• Product is certified; Non-toxic to plant.
• All above standards use natural ingredients, and it safe for children.
• Light weight and beauty.
• Hard to broken.
• Safe to contain acid or citrus food.



Product Dimension ( w * l * h )
Bowl and Lid 5 * 5 * 2.5 in.

Retail Price 300 ฿

All of our product have these standards and 100% money back warranty we follow these standards.

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