Design Concept :
A bird flying out of the nest. Each key, holds a very significant and valuable meaning. Keys don’t just open locks, when keys are on the counter we know that there are people home. — was design with that intention in mind. Each key belonged to a person in the house, when the birds (the keys) are out of its nest, it shows that the bird is on an adventure, the bird is going out to make a difference, to live life to fullest, or to explore the world. The bird is a symbol of Freedom and Independence. It’s more than a regular keychain, it’s a different way of interpreting Life.

Human center  :

The product is intended to be used as a storage space for food and fruit, it can also be used as a vase. With its beauty and style, it can sit on your dining table as a decorative piece.


Product Dimension ( w * l * h )
Bird 3.5 * 4 * 5 cm.
Bird nest 15 * 15 * 7.5 cm.

Retail Price 1,400 ฿

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