How important is food safety to you or your family ? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we think about our family. And that thinking (you and your family’s safety) became our reason for existence. That’s our “WHY” we do what we do. It keeps us focus and ensures that our attention, expertise, resources, and passion are directed where they are best allocated (YOU!).



Pellena : P-E-L-L-E-N-A

PELLENA’s line of products are 100% bio-material based, have similar strength & properties as chemically-derived plastic wares but WITHOUT the toxic chemical or cancer-causing carcinogens. In fact, our brand acronym (PELLENA) was inspired with the concept of “YOU” and our environment in mind, front and centered (of all our focus & attention):




P : People Our products are designed with you in mind: safety, durability, and dining experience


E : Ecology Protecting our environments (and its living members) is what inspires us to be here in the first place
L : Life Your health is an investment and that’s our promise
L : Lifestyle How you use our products is part of our (product) design thinking, always!
E : Environment Ensuring our environments stay healthy and sustainable is a win-win situation for everyone


NA : Natural Our products are 100% bio-material based so you can be sure you are doing your part in keeping the ‘Green’ movement alive


Since our products are classified “Food Grade”, they are considered safe for dining and storage so you can be sure that you are protecting your family and keeping them safe, healthy, and strong.

And as our products are 100% bio-material based, you can always have a peace of mind knowing you are doing your part to help our environments. And since our products are also biodegradable, they will not cause any environment damage in the long term.



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